Marantz reliability?

Im looking to replace my high end pre-amp with a receiver. My Proceed AVP pre-amp shot craps a month ago and its about 8 yrs old with no HDMI capabilities. Im looking to a mid level priced A/V reciever and have decided on the Sr6004. I found one review on amazon and the user says he has had 4 catastrophic failures and had 4 replacements units.

I know this doesn't tell the whole story and he may be running too low impedance speakers or some other issue, but I inferred that he seems to be knowledgeable in Hi-Fi. Has anyone had similar experiences with the sr6004? Its a new updated model from the sr6003, which I couldn't find any similar problems reported. Is there a design flaw with the new unit that I should rethink my decision? KennyT responded to an earlier post of mine saying he has this model. Kenny, did you have any issues with yours or hear of any other examples of problems with this piece?
Holy Dyna 120 , Batman!!! I haven't heard of 4 of ANYTHING failing since the 60's. I suspect that he MAY have a fault elsewhere in his system causing this. That said , anything is possible.
I purchased an high definition projector. I had a problem with my first projector and had difficulty with its reliability. They kept returning it to me without being fixed. After 8 months of complaining they finally replaced it with another unit. I have not had a problem since then. They did make good but were not very helpful through the process.
Although I have never owned a Marantz Receiver I have owned a few DVD-Universal players and a tuner and had no problems what so ever with them. I have used and still use their universal remotes and love them.I found Marantz to have excellent service in their tech support and have had many freinds that have used Marantz and never heard a complaint.
I have a Marantz 8002 HT receiver for 5 years and it sounds great and the only problem in 5 years is I broke the rivet that holds the IEC connector becaused I jammed it against the cabinet. I would definately purchase it again. I like it better than the Pioneer Elite receiver that I have. I think they sound better. My friend likes the Denon too.
My decision to look at Marantz has been based on their rep for reliability AND great sound. I have an older Marantz DV-8400 combo player that sounds great and hasnt given me an ounce of trouble. THats why I was so surprised to see this user review on amazon. Im wondering if he is running 4 ohm speakers? My Linn 5140's are 4 ohm and Ive heard of people having issues running 4 ohm loads on receivers. My intentions are to use the pre-amp outputs to run my 5140's active off 3 5104's, so impedance isnt a concern for me. The guy doesnt go into his set up, so we're left to guess. But he makes the point that the sr6004 sounds great, and his issues are reliability related. If no one has heard of other people having issues with the newer 04 series receivers, I will have to assume(hope) it is a system related issue and not be of concern. OR, I may save some money and go with the older SR6003 and save some money. I cant find any reliability issues reported with that unit. Decisions, decisions.
I had a Marantz SR5600 AVR purchased a few years ago. The on panel volume knob stopped working but the remote still could adjust the volume. Knowing there was a 3 year warranty, I held off getting it repaired but then finally took it to a local factory authorized service center only 30 mins from home. They took care of at n/c. Otherwise great. I have a Marantz SACD/DVD player and a Marantz Blu-ray player and so far so good. No problems.
Well, I finally pulled the trigger and sprung for the SR6004. I have a friend, Kurt Kennobie, in town that owns K2 audio (Phoenix) and he tells me he can find no issues with this receiver from his contacts. Plus, I've dealt with Kurt since his early days at S.L.M. and he always stands behind the sale. I didn't get the VERY best price available, but a great one none the less. And he's authorized if I should have a problem. It should be in next week and I'm stoked to get it going. My stepdaughter's Pioneer receiver was OK to get me by, but It will be nice to get back to great sound again.
Marantz in my experience is not reliable.

SR-18EX reciever - video switching broke right after the warranty expired

DV9500 Universal disk player - quit playing disks (wont load disks) right after the warranty expired.

They make good sound, but do not last.
i have a marantz 1070 from 77 to 79. it sounds better than most. it is nice. have a mac 1900- sounds nice, looks good, but not sound quite as good as marantz. soon i am going to sell the vintage stuff and get new- will get new marantz integrated, or receiver, and marantz cd player. sounds is always nice, and these are reliable. anyone can tear something up in no time. i just take care of things.
To your specific question, I have owned a Marantz home theater receiver for many years (about 7 or so). No complaints on reliability. I would be more concerned if 50% of the Amazon reviews were negative. I would write off that single one as it sound like something else that the user is doing or has in his environment is causing the issue.
the only problem with marantz i ever had was when my projector fell from the ceiling and crashed on the floor. Despite the machine not repairable, the machine still worked. VP12s2 was built like a tank. I have owned sr9600 10 years and still sounds great. Similar age dv8400 similar results. I recognize any manufacturer can make a lemon, but my experience has been outstanding