Marantz PM8005 or MM7025 for MA Silver 6's

Marantz PM8005 OR MM7025?

Right now I am running a Marantz NR1504 as a receiver to power my center, sub and rears. I want to use it's front channel pre outs to power my Monitor Audio Silver 6's

I'll also eventually be buying the CD6005 that has usb capability as well as their CS4398 DAC which I'm told is pretty solid.

SO would it be better to go with the PM that is integrated but has a Home Theater bypass aka Amp direct in? This way I can use it to power my mains via the NR1504 while watching movies, and have the benefit of being able to bypass the NR1504 when listening to music by going directly from the CD6005 into the PM8005.

OR Do I go with the dedicated MM7025 amp that has more power and is a dedicated amplifier, and use the NR1504 for movies AND music?
The PM8005 for sure. No contest. There is more to good music reproduction than just watts. The refinement come from the stereo pre-amp and sorry to say, the 2 channel pre-amp sections, even in pure direct modes, on most AVR's are an afterthought.

Also, the PM8005 is built at Marantz' reference factory in Japan, is heavier, has a toroidal transformer, much better discreet parts and is 4 Ohm rated. The MM7025 is none of the above. Also, despite the wpc rating into 8 ohms on the MM7025, I would bet the PM8005 actually is the more powerful amp. Certainly the better sounding and will match up well with your MA's.

Mating a quality stereo integrated amp w HT bypass into a HT setup is a smart and great way to get a quality 2 channel system for music. The best of both worlds. If you just add a power amp to your AVR, you still only have a HT system. This is the exact way my system is configured as I have the PM8005's big brother - the PM15S2 LE. It replaced a Parasound power amp of far greater wattage and I couldn't be happier - it has taken my 4 Ohm Vienna Acoustic speakers and music listening to new heights.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the response. That's very very helpful information. I actually went ahead and bought the MM7025 from best buy knowing that I can return it. I hooked it up to my NR1504 and connected to a pair of Vandersteen 2cis. I was shocked at how closed it sounded. It was immediately obvious that the preamp in the NR1504 was not of high quality. I switched out the NR1504 for an old onkyo A/v just for the hell of it and there was a dramatic difference. Vandersteens opened right up.

Long story short I'm gonna return the MM7025 and replace it with the 8005.

Thanks again
Wise move. Welcome back to 2 channel stereo.

I had a 10 plus year affair with the HT mistress only to be left constantly unsatisfied with music. I made the move back a few years ago and am sure glad I did. I'm sure you will be too brother!