Marantz PM7200 vs. Denon PMA2000IVR

I need some advice. I'm considering buying a Marantz PM7200 or a Denon PMA2000IVR, but I can't find a store that carries both units, so I can't do a side-by-side comparison. Each store also has different speakers which makes it even harder to detect the differences. The Denon is twice the cost of the Marantz. I'll be using Linn Ninka speakers and a primare CD unit.

My questions are:
- Which has the better sounds qualities
- Which has more drive power
- If the Denon is a better amp, is the extra cost of the Denon worth it?

what's the rest of your system?
i have the denon pma 2000ivr it has plenty good clean power, it's weak point is the preamp section. i am using it as a power amp with dodd audio tube preamp and the sound is glorious. read the comments of danny richie(gr research) and gary dodd(dodd audio) where i took the amp to a local get together. here is the link.
i have not heard the marantz. you can get the denon online in the $700-$800 range.
I have not tried the Marantz, but I owned the 2000 for a while. It was quite good, excellent power, and dynamic. I thought the soundstage was rather two dimensional in my system, it would not show details at lower volume levels, and the amp always called attention to itself with it's 'pinpoint imaging' that didn't strike me as being correct for music.

If your speakers are not too difficult a load I would recommend a nice tube integrated. More pleasant all around for similar money, if you don't go overboard.
i also own the onix a120mk2 at 120 watts per channel it's a great sounding amp and retails for $695 at
here is a link to a review of the amp.
Both are good amps in their own right but they lack in something or the other, for the budget you cannot really go wrong with a NAD 372 which is an all rounder. Nad is a line level amp and phono stage is not included, if you do not have a turntable no worries whatsoever.
Maybe a bit late but I give you a bit of my experience with the Marantz PM7200; This was my first ever amp and I changed it with several other amp, but still I can't get rid of it as it does sound very very nice.
Class A work fully until 9W, but for most people does just fine; Bass is stong and tight, Highs are as clean as a whisle and midrange is very well projected, so it is very good for vocals.
The only downside is a noticeable distortion at high-ish volumes, and it does prefer small acoustic mixes, probably shortcuts made in the pre-amp for budget reasons.
Timing is good, but I have the impression that it trips on itself on over-processed material.
Imaging is outstanding, I still use it as a reference these days.
Not bad at all, if you find one try it and prepare your wallet...