Marantz PM11S3 (vs Cary SLI-80, Nad M3)

Hi, I have an opportunity to get a Marantz PM11S3 for a great price.
Does anyone have experience with both the Marantz and either the Cary SLI-80 or Nad M3 and can give some comparison feedback? It would  be replacing one of those two.

Speakers are the Monitor Audio PL200, or potentially in the future Focal Electra.

Thank you!

Of the three you are considering, the Cary could not be more different than the other two...

The Marantz and NAD are a solid state class A/B.
The Cary is a vacuum tube.

Right now I would say the Cary, being a tube amp, is a little light for your current 4 ohm speakers.  Either the Marantz or NAD would do a better job driving them.

Being a Marantz PM15S2 owner, my choice would the Marantz PM11S3.
It doubles its output into 4 Ohms, and is heavier than the NAD.  Its build quality is second to none being built at the Marantz reference factory in Japan. 

Hope you get more feedback from other members.