Marantz pm11s2 ???

Has anyone heard this new integrated amp yet?
I have only seen images under google search. I would like to know what people say about it as well. I currently own the S1 version and love it.
One of my friends has one of these new pm11s2's and its one of best Integrated amps that I have ever heard. It has the ideal blend of the best trails of solid-state and tube sound....... performance directly traceable to the cost-no-object SC-7s2 Reference series preamp and MA-9s2 mono block power amps. Here's a review on the MA-9s2 mono block power amps.....
How much better is it than the pm11s1 and how is it different? Thanks!
How much better is the pm11s2 you ask? My friend had both and we thought the pm11s2 was a all around better integrated amp with better bottom end and more tube-like mids and highs....
I own it and its the best. It kills Mac, Mark Levinson . Krell and Plinus. I own them all and the Marantz is clearly the best. They are giving them away on this sit for 1500. Some of these people on this site are slow.
The 11s2 is a little out of my range right now but is it THAT much better than the s1?
I have read the bass on the s1 is a bit weak. Not sure if this is true or not because some listeners might be used to bloaty bass or not accurate bass notes. What are your thoughts? I have been really interested in this amp for awhile along with Cayin, YBA, PrimaLuna, and a few others. Thanks!

100WPC/200WPC into 8 and 4 ohms respectively.
Neil Gader reviewer for The Absolute Sound Magazine is testing out the pm11s2 right now and is going to do a review on this amp this spring. He said the midrange sounded like it had (Tubes inside) the pm11s2!