Marantz PM KI Pearl Integrated

So a local used shop has had one of these pop up. It was a fancy pants special edition model from 2010. Looks really sexy. Anyone heard one and would it be worth pursuing. Also any reccomendations on what a fair price would be. 
I have never heard a Marantz anything. 

Stereophile did a review of the amp, they loved it.  It retailed for $3500.00 when new and outputs 90wpc into 8 ohms.  The pearl is Ken Ishiwata's 30th Anniversary Amplifier and was a statement piece at that time.
There is Marantz (Japan) and Marantz USA. The latter no longer exists! The original Saul Marantz (and chief engineer Sid Smith) company was recognized from the early Fifties to the mid-Sixties as the purveyors of the finest tube gear! Alas, the arrival of cheap transistor gear (and a bankruptcy due to the development of the Model 10B tuner) led to the company's sale to a Japanese investor group's interest in using the Marantz name as a prestige label.
I was considering upgrading one of my integrateds recently and came close to pulling the trigger on a KI Pearl.  I haven't heard one, but have owned a few Marantz pieces, including a KI Pearl SACD player, which is probably the nicest sounding source in my system.  If it shares the same sonic DNA, expect it to be just a little on the warm side with lots of detail and very listenable.  If you look at hifishark sales history they range between $1500 - $2000.
Thanks Greg. I may be able to snag it for 1k so guess Im not really risking anything if I dont like it. Little worried that warm means not detailed or sluggish which I would not want. Ill see if I can snatch it up next week. 
I'd grab it. I doubt it will be either of those things. It's local, so you'll be able to audition it, correct? 
Thanks I think I'll try and get it. 
Does that pearl SACD player have digital in to just use it as a DAC? He has one of these for sale as well. Im selling my Lyngdorf so I will not have a DAC other than the one in my Bluesound node which is just so so. 
I think that's a no on your question about the sacd player but I'm not home and can neither confirm or deny...
According to Michael Fremer's Stereophile review of the SACD it has a Toslink input, so you should be able to use it as a DAC. I've never tried with mine. 
Thanks again. Looked that up in the meantime sorry I didnt say could have saved you a minute.