Marantz PM 84D

I am not getting any sound out of one channel in my Marantz PM84 Int amplifier. I checked the sources and the speakers... they are fine. Now re: repairs, I want to make sure that only first quality or original quality components are used. I would appreciate any leads on places who will do a quality repair job in the Chicago area. I live in Oak Park, about 8 miles outside Chicago. Thanks very much Chander
Chandler, Contact Marantz themselves since their headquarters are located in the Chicago area. ( I just gave my PM 84D to my oldest son.) I don't have the website address, but I think if you typed Marantz in a search engine or went through Audioweb you could locate it. We used to have a service that repaired Marantz just west of Naperville, but they are no longer around. Good luck, Don
Chandler, Marantz is located in Roselle, Il. Phone # is 630-307-3100.