Marantz PM 7001 Integrated Amp

I recently purchased a new Marantz sa 8001 sacd player and a used Marantz PM 7001 Integrated Amp. I'm loving the sound I'm hearing.

Does anyone else use the Marantz PM 7001 int. amp?? I can't find any user reviews on this forum or other internet sites. Seems like a great deal at $599 new, especially when matched with the sa8001 cd player.

Why no love for this amp???
Gee, no responses at all. Does anybody on this forum use the Marantz PM7001 Int. Amp? Any thoughts on it?
I have the previous generation of both units , the PM7200 and SA8260-and I , too , love the sound. Great bang-per-buck and very nice sound quality.
I have the PM7200 also and like the sound a lot. Prefer tubes for my main system tho :)
Another good single-vendor amp/CD player combo is the Onkyo A-9555 integrated fed by the Onkyo DX-7555 CD player.

Me, I like an iPod running iTunes 8.0 or above feeding an Onkyo A-9555.