Marantz PM 17SA v PM 8003

I need to decide on one of these in the next 18 hours My main conern is that I have heard the PM 17SA is pretty laidback sounding. I know the 8003 can rock and is dynamic as I had an 8004 at one time but what about the PM 17SA?? thanks
Tough one. At 60 vs 70 wpc into 8 ohms, the power output is negligible. So besides the obvious aesthetics, the PM 17SA is older and was built at Marantz' reference factory in Japan. The PM 8003 is newer and built in China.

Having a PM15s2 built at the reference factory, I can attest to the extreme quality of Marantz built there, so I would go with the PM 17SA.
I would assume that the PM-17SA would hold it's value better so if you are one who flips equipment often I would consider going with that one. I agree with Paraneer and I can't help but think the 17SA is built to much higher standards.
I have no doubt it is a higher standard . I am just worried about it not doing justice to rock and blues. Back when I worked in the audio bizz in the 80s we sold mid fi to lower hi fi stuff so I would go and set a $5000 systems and they guy would have a $15.000 system in another room. He would ask me listen to it. I have very good ears and can tell differences pretty quickly. It appeared and sometimes still does that an audiophile system or the idea of one is to see how laided back and smooth one can make it to the point where it does not sound anything like music and you wonder if the person has ever left the house or heard and actual instrument in their room. Now we are into the age of hyper detail which to me does not sound anything like what i hear in front of me when an instument is playing A well known speaker maker once said to me 'people have more crappy detail coming out of their system then you ever hear when
I am not looking to flip but the loser leaves as i cannot afford to have funds tied up.
I have no doubt it is a higher standard . I am just worried about it not doing justice to rock and blues.
Don't quite understand your concern. Since you worked in the audio biz, then you know that there is no difference between the 60 & 70 wpc. In fact, I checked the specs and both units are rated at 100 wpc into 4 ohms. So, their power amp sections are almost identical.
And since the PM 17sa is built to a higher standard, why wouldn't it sound better?