Marantz PM-15S2B Limited; opinions?

Hi folks,
As I upgrade my system, wondering if anyone has experience with the Marantz PM-15S2B "Limited" integrated amp? I'm interested in buying two, which I would bi-amp with my B&W 805's. This is something down-the-road; would certainly entertain other options.

Your thoughts? Anybody have this amp?

Thanks for your feedback,
Hi Arcamguy. I had that exact setup for a while and here's my 2 cents. Basically the idea is nice in theory and the setup is pretty straightforward. One unit functions as a master and takes control of the other amp. It's pretty reliable and worked well and there was certainly a bit of a jump in performance terms. My monitor Audio Pl300's are quite hungry so the increase in power was certainly noticeable. I went this route because I got 2 new units for 1000 bucks each so it was well worth the gamble to have a play around.
 I eventually sold them on an put a Pm11s3 in instead, it had the edge on the smaller units in dual mono mode.
Strangely enough I got a second pm11s3 and set it up in dual mono mode also and was very unhappy with the pairing. The pm11s3 is running older software than the pm14s2 and power amp direct mode does not function in this configuration and the slave display just stays blank rather than mirroring the master device, not much sonic difference and no good for home theatre integration.

Anyway, if you can secure a second one at a good price, I would say go for it. If you can find a pm11s3 at a good price it's probably the more logical upgrade path.