Marantz PM-15S1 vs Roksan Kandy II?

I'm thinking of buying the Marantz PM-15S1 Integrated Amplifier to replace my Roksan Kandy 2. I know it's a step down in power but I rarely have the Roksan higher than 10 o'clock...I can't imagine that I'd suffer with only 80 watts vs 150. But I'm not sure because I like to have headroom. Any thoughts or experiences?
I can't comment on whether the Marantz would be an upgrade. Hopefully you get your use out of the Roksan before something goes wrong. I own a K-1 tuner, picked up on the Bay. Sounds vey nice. Tried to contact, via Email, both the Canadian distributor and the Company in UK. Got bupkus, zero, nada. Figured out how to use the thing. I got lucky a electronics supply store in my area had a Euro style 70 ohm connector. Hoping the tuner last quite a while because it looks like ther is no support from Roksan.
Well toast my Kippers and call me silly. I did get email from the Roksan distributer in Canada. He sent me a instruction sheet for the K-1 tuner. If anyone wants a copy I will be happy to email it to you. There are no Roksan dealers in the USA.
Keep your Kandy 2. If you like the Roksan sound move up to a Caspian M2 which will add refinement. I have heard the previous generation Caspian and thought it was a true(entry level) hi-end amp. Current reviews claim the new M2 is even better.
Stereophile just reviewed the Roksan K2 BT int amp.

They list Rutherford Audio as a US distributor:
Never heard any Roksan product though they Get good ratings. I have heard the 15s1 and liked it. Detailed, transparent, neutral with a hint of warmth, definitely a reference level product. Its been on my list of potential modern amps to I have thought about moving from my vintage system to the modern day.