Marantz PM-10s1 Integrated Amp

Does anyone have any experience with this amp?  I have the predecessor PM-11S3 and this is quite a step up in price.  I believe it is a Class D typology.  There does not appears to be any reviews online.  Would love to know more about it than just what Marantz puts out in press releases.
I believe there is a Marantz Reference owners thread on stevehoffman forums... you may want to check this one out.
I have one and am still letting it break in . So far to me it’s clear and dynamic . Still waiting for the bass to come alive 

how are are you finding the pm-10 and what speakers are you using with it. 

Ive just got one this week driving my dynaudio confidence 5 speakers and find I have the volume up to at least -40db on the display to get what I would  call a reasonably loud volume. 

It idoes get louder of course as the volume is turned, maybe it just me used to amp where 9 o’clock on the volume dial is loud and 11 is really loud. 

Your thoughts ?