Marantz NA8005 opinions vs. Oppo ?

Marantz's new NA8005 looks to be a nice stand-alone player for computer audio, even playing DSD from a thumb drive on the front USB port. This unit has all the features I've been looking for, but I can't find any reviews or opinions on its sound quality. I have an Oppo 105, and it's a bit lean for my tastes, although DSD sounds very nice if it's a well mastered album. Has anyone had the chance to listen to the NA 8005 and evaluate the quality of the DAC? Or can you direct me to a review if you have found one?

Thanks and cheers,
I currently have the CD6005, which uses the same DAC and analog modules as the NA8005. This player sounds superb, and lossless files played via the USB port sound superb as well. Even a digital Pandora stream played thru the DAC sounds great balanced, clean, and sibilance-free. The USB port on these players routes everything thru the DACs very nifty.
Bojack, have you tried any 24/96 or 24/192 files through the usb stick? My brother bought the same player and for the life of me on I cannot get a high resolution file to play, even though Marantz marketing material advises the 6005 can accomplish this. Marantz techies couldn't give me a reason it wouldn't work....

Unfortunately, my files are Apple lossless, not super hi-res, and Pandora One streaming (which I mostly play thru the USB port) is limited res as well. Don't have a good answer on that one.
Haven't heard it but doubt its in the same league as doing the
Modwright upgrade to your Oppo 105
Really? You mean spending another $2495 will get you a better sounding unit??? Get real. It was not the question asked.
I have played 24/88, and24/96, 24/176, 24/192 files and they all sound superb compared to routing the signal out to the coaxial input of my Esoteric K-01 dac section. The warmth that you wish for is all there in spades. Enjoy!
Jon2020 - good to know if I ever get the hankering to get into PC based or streaming audio as I did like my time with the SA-11S2 I had a few years back, still kind of miss that player....

Other than the shiny discs I have only ventured far enough to use the USB stick input on my Oppo 95. One day I hope to be more audio file manipulation savvy.