Marantz Mods?

I have a Marantz Integrated amp 1180DC that I was thinking could be a good choice to bring into the 21st century by upgraging or modding with new caps and IEC receptable (for replaceable power cord) and new speaker terminals (from spring loaded insert wire to Cardas binding posts). It hasn't been in use for a bit of time but is in good shape and is like a battleship for weight!
2 questions now; 1) Is there someone who mods them? or 2) should it be be left origional? Thanks for your opinions
IMHO - It would only be wise to do you listed mods if the amp was 'broken' like its original terminals not functioning like they should.

New capacitors can be a good upgrade. Dont try cutting the chassis to fit a IEC socket - I tried and it is a mess! Rather keep this stunning amp nice and original.

To tell the real truth - the amp still would sound better just as it is than even 'modern' amps. Believe me.

Kind regards,
Dewald Visser