marantz model 9 service

Anybody know who services and repairs model 9's ?   Thanks
I believe VAC did a reissue years go but could be wrong, contact VAC and ask.
Yes, contact Pat Hickman @ Classic Tube Audio, he can help you.

Kevin  @ Upscale Audio has some old Marantz tube product and loves all things tube. He probably has a good idea who could help you out.
Where are you located? Bill Thalmann is top notch, located in Virginia. He recently restored a bunch of vintage tube electronics for me- very focused on SQ and well as respect for the original piece. (He was the tech director at C-J for many years, has a substantial independent shop). 
Audio Classics in Vestal, NY!
My 9's are the (reissue units) and we're  sent to VAC for another issue , that turned out to be horror story ! I'm not here to run them down but I think there focus in on the equipment that they are making under there own brand. Thanks, Huntingsnapcaps
Whart, I think I will give Bill Thalmann a (shout out) , do you have his contact info. Thanks Huntingsnapcap
Bill's company website is here: [url][/url]
When you call, you may or may not get him on the phone directly, but if you explain your situation and ask for him to call you back to discuss, I have no doubt he will. He is a very nice guy to boot. You are welcome to use my name, not that it will make much difference, but he's well regarded and knows the high end industry --not just from the work bench.
Good luck. I actually dropped my stuff off there because we took a two week road trip while moving. So, I got to see the shop and get a little face time with Bill. Give him my regards if you use him. Also, get a sense of timing--he's busy, but once he gets on it, he does the work quickly. 
Will  do,  Whart thank you so much ! I will give Bill a shout ! Huntingxnapcap
I'd avoid shipping it if I can.  Marantz tube amps are classic textbook designs and are easy to repair for any qualified tech.  I'd look for a local tech you can bring it to and pick up in person
Thanks Opus III , That's what I'm trying to do is to avoid shipping , we had a great service tech. in the Birmingham, Al. area but he has retired ! Saw some of your threads about Audio Research, have gotten great service from them, wish the nine's (re-issued) were made by them . Thanks Huntingsnapcap
Latest on Model 9 service :  Contacted Audio Classic's and they suggested going back to VAC , talked to VAC's service tech and he was very helpful and nice. Sarasoto, Florida is as close as any other area that I would go for service so I going to give them a try ( might take a short vacation and drive them down ) . Thanks For everybody's help