Marantz Model 18 Woodcase Dimensions


i´m a marantz model Eighteen owner since about 3 month.
And I want to have the original woodcase.
But all model 18 owner I know have no woodcase.
I never saw that someone sell only a original cabinet on ebay or another sales market.
So I think I will make it on my own. And now I need all the ecact measurements to rebuild it.
Is there anybody out there with an Eighteen plus woodcase who take all the dimensions for me?

Best regards
Congrats on the 18. There is a lot of history to that piece.

I can give you the outer dimensions of the case. 19w x 15d x 6.5h
Hello I have a Model 18 with cabinet, do you need some photos or dimensions?
Hey I know a guy who makes them, and he's about to make mine. Yeah I'm aware this post is 4 years old but if you want his email, I forward it to you.

Quick question: my model 18 is in the shop, what is the measurements of the feet's placement?
Anybody out there making cases for Marantz Model 18’s?? I’m interested in buying one!!
In reference to the above posts. I just purchased an 18 as well.  Does any have a wood cabinet to sale or the plans to make one. 

Thanks ao much.