Marantz MM7055 - Anyone using it with 4 ohm speake

I'm just curious if anyone is having any success with 4 ohm speakers using a Marantz mm7055 power amplifier. The manafacter claims that it will blow eventually. Is that just at extremely high levels?

I'm currently running a marantz sr7007 with monitor audio RX8s which run at 4 ohms, GXC150 which runs at 8 ohms, and RX1s which run at 6 ohms.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Your speakers are pretty easy to drive. The best way to tell if you are pushing your amp too hard is to listen to it. Its easy to hear when an amp is straining. Also, the 4 ohms will vary when playing music. They don't just sit exactly at 4 ohms. Your 7055 should easily hold you over until you decide to upgrade.