Marantz MA700 or Acurus A200

Which is better for Home Theater. 5 each MA700 or 1 A220 x 5? Thank you for your input.
I'd go with the acurus. The Marantz does offer nice flexiblity but the acurus is a better, more reliable performer.
You may also consider the MA6100 marantz amplifiers. They are pretty nice and sound slightly better (cleaner) than the MA700. I bought two of these and have had them for a year in my two channel set up. I upgraded my amp to an Odyssey Stratos and now I really think that the MA6100 are good and even great for the money ($330 ea. new). They do not beat the Stratos though. They really shine when plugged to individual electrical outlets.
Good Listening........
My vote would be for the Acurus. I have the A200X5 and think the build quality and most of all the sound is great. This is my second Acurus amp,I have the A250 as well. Their gear is well made and really a cut above many others especially and their price point, and even those priced for a lot more.