Marantz integrated amp question

I have Rogue Cronus Magnum that has even had a cap and resistor upgrade from Rogue but am thinking for operational reason of some other things  Being a Marantz fan as thinking about the Marantz PM 14s1 but I have tried a number units and wonder were it would fall within this group   Here have been my observations in MY system  Your MMV
PM 15s1  Kind of warm laid back .  Felt the edges were blunted or smoothed over on guitars and such

PM PM15S2 Different for sure. Much more focused and clear images. Little more exciting HOWEVER  always felt like I was looking at the floor.  Top of the stage gone  Low stage height,even in headphones  I am not the only one that has mentioned this. 

PM 11s1  Got this local at a good price and thought this was it.  Many good reviews and all mention how easy it was to listen to.  Should have known/  Prozac is the word that comes to mind To laid back for me 

PM 8004 5 6  These do not have the stage or refinement of the Ref gear but they have a musical heart and are fun . Do not sound screwed around with. Remind me a bit of a Expusre 2010s (not as transparent as the Exposure)

So the question is where does the PM 14s1 fit in and I guess the 2nd question is am i going anywhere sound wise over what I have?  Thanks
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You have not mentioned your loudspeakers but I feel you are just a cable swap away from having good sound with the Rouge. 
  Sounds to me like you don't like the sound of Marantz.....
I have had the 14s1 with a variety of speakers (ryan,paradigms,fritz,gravitas scanspeak) The sound at low volume was ok but vailed. At high volume the sound was very clean full and detailed just top notch. I had a  cronus magnum at the same time with the same speakers At low to mid volume it sounds great at high not as great until I hooked a pair of klipsch ksb 3.1 book shelf speakers. (by far the cheapest of the bunch) Those made the cronus come alive. Experiment with a laid back pre amp tube to offset the highs from the horn tweeter you will be all set.  Or pair the cronus with high sensitivity speaker 92 or above.
This is curious OP? I have to agree that it just sounds like you don’t like the “House Sound” of Marantz? And that’s OK, we all hear music differently and we all place emphasis in what we hear in different areas of what we hear, some might lean to mids and other towards bass....
I had a PM8006 and loved it! It was a great little 70 watt PC integrated that has many accolades! Many swear by it...
The 8006 didn’t have the juice I needed so I moved up to a PM-11s3 and that is what I have to this day. It impresses every day! It is very fast, detailed, yet has a slightly warm side that draws you in and makes you want to listen for hours and hours, never fatiguing...
I have I can’t tell you how many people tell me that it is one of the best listening experiences they have had! Yet maybe you would not like it? Maybe try another brand?