marantz integrated

How good is the marantz pm 8004? I'm in need of a integrated amp to compliment my Marantz sr 5005 and Paradigm 20v5. I posted a similar question earlier but I think it disappered from the forum. I am finding the marantz int. is being sold at almost half the retail price and I was wondering if this would be a good buy. Any other integrated amp suggestions would be welcome also. I have a budget at about $1000 and would like to find something that would be a musical upgrade I could live with for awhile.

To the credit of the sr 5005 it really isn't that bad at music but I know I can do better so thats why I am writing this.

I've been researching and reading as much as I can about the integrated amps within my budget(new and used) that I think I am starting to overload on information to the point I can't decide. The sad thing is what I am really looking for is justification for what I may purchase(how sad).

Thank you for your patients as I ramble on.
I recently sold my Portal Panache integrated. Great amp., spectacular mid range very natural sounding. Built like a tank. If you can find one used, should go for $8-900. Good luck.
The PM8004 is one of three integrated amps I have. A McIntosh MA6600 and a tube unit as well. For the money, even at list price, or regardless of. It is indeed a solid unit. Good sound, good features, good build. I would not hesitate to recommend. I rate it is one of my best buys and I am thrilled to have it.

Apart for the Marantz, if you could spend a bit more I would consider the Anthem integrated. I have their stereo pre amp tuner in my family room system coupled with a Carver amp. Good sounds from the Anthem. You may also consider separates. Parasound is another brand that fall into my stable and enjoy. From my experience even considering the MA6600, I feel the PM8004 would be tough to beat. Good hunting.
I have the marantz 8004. It is a great unit, especially at half price. Very "polite", sweet, liquid midrange, never sounds hard. It is a very good amp.
I have also a NAD 315, very dynamic but not as refined as the marantz, and I have owned Arcam Alpha in the past.
I have seen the PM8004's sell for 1/2 of list new in a box too. More importantly, I have also heard them. It is an outstanding integrated amp at full price and an unbelieveable bargain at half.

Consider its specs - built in the Marantz reference factory in Japan, 70 wpc into 8 ohm & 100 wpc into 4, >25 amps of peak current and a damping factor of 100. These are solid numbers for amps that costs a lot more. I heard a PM8004 driving a pair of Sonus Faber Liuto Woods and was very impressed with its abilities. Highly recommended!
One of the best bargains in audio these days, no doubt. So, impressed with it that I upgraded to Marantz Ref series
I agree. I have the PM8004 and was surprised at its great imaging (using CD) and lush sound. Especially good with jazz. I find the treble, upper mid at times recessed and leaves me wanting but it is very pleasant and enjoyable to listen to. VERY quiet with a low noise floor. Built in Japan next to the ref. series I am told. Solid and well built. Jury is still out on the phono stage but only because I haven't had the time to trim up some vinyl.day67