Marantz HD CD-1 Good News Bad News

THE BAD: I reconnected my HD CD-1 a couple weeks ago, as a transport, after maybe 2 years and it plays fine, but a couple days ago I noticed a scratching sound, so I took the cover off (a lot like a chinese puzzle). Directly on top, there’s a metal disc connected to the spindle over a metal plate/shield. This disc is coming into contact with the metal plate but should be ~ 1mm above the metal plate directly below it, but it scrapes on the plate. Probably deeper down it’s now off center, which would likely require a new mechanism

THE GOOD: After applying a little WD-40 under the outer edge I put it back in my system sans cover. I am very very shockingly impressed with how much better it sounds without the cover, but the scratching persists. Any ideas? Seems like it will require service

Im in Ft Lauderdale, and will call Marantz Monday


Interesting that you were able to at least get as you have on your own.

I am not optimistic for you.  My guess is that it’s off warranty.  I had just an awful experience with Marantz customer service a few years ago.  You may want to investigate independent repair services in your area after trying to deal with Marantz.

I will also note that I have owned multiple CD player in the last 4 decades.  Never had a problem with any of them.  Of course something may have happened depending how you stored it the past few years but assuming that you didn’t do anything freaky and wasn’t left to bake in an uncooked shed, or tossed about in a hurricane, any decently manufactured product should be working


Thanks. It will likely cost more to repair at a shop, typically $100 to inspect, than it's worth.

Here I am trying to clarify the problem:


Once the top is off, directly on top, there's a metal disc connected to a shaft, which apparently comes in contact with the center hole of the disc (holding it in place?). This disc is coming into contact with the metal plate directly below it, scraping on the plate.

Ive owned quite a few top loaders, too. The problem has nothing to do with the tray

A fellow 'file on another site,  helped me get to the heart of the problem. After several attempts to communicate via TMs, I was able to get the disc off, but didn't notice anything obvious, so thinking the problem is deeper= $$$. Will reconnect this morning to see.

Marantz told me the mechanism is discontinued, but gave me the part number in case I could find one on line

The entire mechanism needs replacing @ $150+ shipping, and I didn't want to spend that much to repair (it's available for anyone who provides a pickup slip). Anyway, I scored a great deal on a Audiolab 6000 CDT, which I won't have until late next week, but based on the reviews and owner comments, it should be a huge upgrade


All these old names are just owned by Firms that know little about audio and care less .



Yeah, no longer made and the complete mechanism is $150+ shipping, so, no bueno

I researched Audiolab CDT 6000, and found an awesome deal on AudioGon. It is truly amazing in my system. MSRP $620~ 650. The slightly used one <$500, so minus ~ $175 mechanism + shipping

This 6000 has ~ 100 hours, so essentially new. I have been breaking it in with Isotec and XLO burn in discs to very good effect. Im very impressed, and especially for the money


I will let my Marantz go to a new home just provide FedX pick up slip. It sounded really good with the top and side panels off

@tweak1 ,

I’ve been following your thread, cause I’m about to need a new transport. I have an Oppo and a professional Sony deck from the mid nineties and the Sony sounds hands down so much better than the Oppo, but a couple of months ago, I pressed the power button and it clicked like it normally would, but nothing else happened and wouldn’t happen for hours. Then it happened a couple weeks later. It’s happened a couple more times since, so I think it’s graciously telling its time.

Please keep us updated on your experiences with the 6k.





First, nice choice of icon

As to updates, well, it is sturdy, and it seems to have a tribe of happy users, so, Im confident it will last. It really has taken redbook playback to a whole new level for me. Obviously the power cord (custom from TekLine $795, which I already owned), coax cable (AudioQuest Premier XL @ $169/2m from Audio Advisor) and iso devices (Nob Sound @ ~ 25/4) will help to extract its capabilities.

My dac is in a Audio Alchemy DDP-1 + PS 5.

The review I posted is spot on (link below). I have played a wide variety of music, all revealed musical ques previously hidden to me, none more jaw dropping then listening to an oldie Chet Atkins and Mark Knoffler Neck and Neck. So much more everything to make me wonder about SACDs, though I have ~ 80, currently I use my Oppo 105 for them, but looking to get a Technics SL-G700 (see link below).

Should I update it will be on my thread




@tweak1 ,

 I guess the thing that has been keeping me from from trying one out is the slot drive. While it’s been a while, I did have issues with both a home and auto CD player doing bad things to my disks.


From what Ive learned, is that some CDTs were misaligned at the factory and severely scratched the owners CDs. So far, Ive played some 20 CDs without issue