Marantz HD CD-1 Good News Bad News

THE BAD: I reconnected my HD CD-1 a couple weeks ago, as a transport, after maybe 2 years and it plays fine, but a couple days ago I noticed a scratching sound, so I took the cover off (a lot like a chinese puzzle). Directly on top, there's a metal disc connected to the spindle over a metal plate/shield. This disc is coming into contact with the metal plate but should be ~ 1mm above the metal plate directly below it, but it scrapes on the plate. Probably deeper down it's now off center, which would likely require a new mechanism

THE GOOD: After applying a little WD-40 under the outer edge I put it back in my system sans cover. I am very impressed with how much better it sounds without the cover, but the scratching persists. Any ideas? Seems like it will require service

Im in Ft Lauderdale, and will call Marantz Monday