Marantz Esotec SM-1000 amp. Fraud ALert Ebay

An Ebay auction I was watching is a little sketchy for a 30 year old amp still sealed in box ?
A Marantz Esotec SM-1000 amp. Hey it's possible to have a sealed amp for 30 years , isn't it.

High Bid was at around $1500 for the last several days. So I had inquired a few questions showing interest to the seller and received no answer. I offered to buy at $1800 and he e-mailed me back and accepted my offer it.

I wake up this morning and the bid is just about at $4K.

Plus they changed and kept all the bidders private. I e-mailed and wanted an explanation and no response.

Something smells Bad on EBAY. I made a motto to stay away from buying anything on EBAY. Between this situation and the $50K for used B&W speakers on EBAY. I see EBAY attracts a lot of scam artists.

Here is the link:
I'm never one to defend flea-bay on anything. But, that being said, I have done business with the seller on the retail level and was very satisfied.

I would be a little suspicious of the run up in the bids, but I don't think TFTA is doing it. They may have someone "shill bidding" on their behalf though, without them being aware. My guess would be an bidder with a lot of capitol who likes collecting vintage Marantz products, possibly from overseas or maybe Asia?
I bought my Audioprism Mantissa tubed preamp from these guys right here at problems.

I think Slipknot1 is guessing right. I wonder why if they took your offer...they did not end the auction?

Last week on EBAY, there was a Marantz SA-1 being auctioned (not by me), which I had purchased on Audiuogon approximately one month ago. The pictures were hijacked from Audiogon and inserted on EBAY. The seller had "0" feedback and would only take a cashiers check for payment.

I contacted EBAY administration and complained about the hijacked pictures and the apparent fraud. Ebay for there part was mostly dis-interested and did nothing to stop the auction.

I bought my first Krell amps from these guys out of Stereophle back before eBay and the internet.
You should be careful about people hijacking accounts. This happens from time to time on Ebay. Usually they say that you must contact them by an alternative email account.