Marantz DV9600 vs.Lexico RD-20.

Has anyone compared these units for music? I am using a Blu ray player so video is not important. Wondering if the Lexicon is a jump up or not from the Marantz?
I haven't heard either, but I was very interested in Lexicon and I came very close purchasing RT-20. That's when I did image search on google and noticed the internals of DV-9600 and RT-20 are virtually identical. The only differences I could find were the extra balanced digital audio output and component video outputs on RT-20. The other parts seem to be identical down to the circuit boards. Here are some of the pictures.

Marantz DV-9600

Lexicon RT-20

Both are priced similarly in the used market, with RT-20 slightly higher than DV-9600.
Thanks. I wonder what the difference in sound is, if at all.
Is there someone who can look at the 2 pictures referenced above and say what "differences" in components they see?