Marantz DV8400 vs Pioneer DV-59avi

any opinions?

which performs better as a 'CD transport'?
I owned a DV8300 which I compared to the 59avi and the SACD sound was better on the marantz. Then I traded to the 8400 and now the 9500. I never really tried redbook on either since I already had a Linn Ikemi for that format. I do own a Elite PDR19 that I occasionaly listen to redbook on and the Pioneer Legato Link has a very warm and analog sound to it and they use that in the 59avi. I would say that if you are looking for the redbook playback as a primary feature of purchase then I would lean toward the Pioneer. As far as the SACD I felt the 59avi was dry, the video section in the Marantz 83/8400 is supplied by Pionner to Marantz. Marantz has built and designed their own for the 9500.
Theo: What did you think of the Marantz 9500 vs. the Pioneer Elite 59avi in terms of video performance? I am looking for a DVD player primarily for video use and am considering these two players. Thanks.
The 9500 exceeds the performance of the 8400 considerably and the 59avi as well since they were both the same transport. They had the 12/108 v-chip and the 9500 has the 14/216 and it is clearly(no pun) better. The color and depth of the picture (panasonic 34"HDTV widscreen)is much more than I was used to. I also had a chance to watch the new McIntosh MVP861 and felt the marantz outperforms it as well. And I love Mcintosh. I haven't had a chance to listen to the 861 on SACD yet but I would not replace the 9500 as a DVD source.