Marantz dv 8400 go to 9500 or seperate dac

Hey, I have a marantz dv8400 and love the sound on dvd a and sacd but feel it lacks on redbook, heres my Q, should I upgrade to the dv 9500 or buy a seperate dac for redbook. I also use this to feed my sanyo video projector. System is Meadowlark shearwater hot rods, pass aleph 30, minimax pre. I'm looking at 750 tops on a dac or selling the dv8400 for500 to 600 and spending another 750 on a player Total about 1200 for a universal player. If a dac which one. Would a marantz 8260 fit the bill and keep the dv8400 for dvd a and video? Had an ack dac but liked the stock dv8400 on redbook better so I sold it.So confused!!!!
As a previous owner of the 8300, 8400 and 9500 I can confidently advise you to but a DAC. The 9500 was very little if no improvemnent at all over the 8400. The 9500 did have a better video and the SACD was a bit better. The redbook was just not there on any of the players. I can't say what DAC I would use but I would from time to time use my McIntosh MX135 as a DAC and it sounded quite a bit more open and satging improved but it was still no long term solution.
I am currently using my DV8400 with an Electrocompaniet ECD-1 upsampling DAC. Great improvement over the redbook capabilites of the Marantz. Much more air around instruments, deeper, tighter bass. Soundstage and imaging are incredible.

Theo- any real difference between the 8300 and 8400? I am looking for another SACD/CD/DVD player for another room.
Smholl, the only differences I can remember is the audio seemed to be a bit better as was the video. But the biggest gain overall was between the 8400 and 9500.