Marantz DV-12S2

First of all, happy holidays to everyone.

About a year ago I purchased a Marantz SA-12S1 from a member of the Audiogon. This unit was originally purchased for all region DVD capacity in audiophile quality, which I need since I live in the far east and buy DVDs occasionally from the US. However, the SACD capacity on this player is what got me into SACDs. In September, this player went kaput. Wouldn't play anything. I sent it to local Marantz repair. After a long time in service, they told me the player was actually manufactured illegally. It wasn't a proper Marantz product since it lacked the appropriate stickers. They repeatedly wanted the name of the distributor that had sold it to me. They also said they couldn't repair the player because it did not follow all the prescribed specs on the machine. Because of this, they would not be able to make the repairs. They sent the player back to Japan. As a result, they gave me the option of trading the machine for the DV-12S2 plus an additional $500. They said that's all they would be able to do for me. So this week I made the switch and took possession of the new machine. Though narrower and ostensibly smaller than the SA-12S1, it seems a lot more dense. I've sadly lost the all-region capacity for the moment. I will need to find a solution here. One thing the DV-12S2 offers that the SA-12S1 did not is DVD Audio. On this score the DV-12S2 excels. I listened to both Mode releases of Morton Subotnik this evening and the machine really excelled on delivery of these works. But on SACD, this machine runs far behind the SA-12S1. I'm very disappointed with it. I listened to Isaac Hayes, Marvin Gaye, and the Three Degrees this evening. The results were nowhere near the exceptional capability of the SA-12S1. Most disappointing of all was a loss of bass resolution. Part of the problem is likely the lower quality DACs in use here. But the SA-12S1, despite the well-documented reliability problems,simply has a better sonic architecture internally with the 12 DACs and better transformer. I'm trying to find a solution here without getting rid of the machine or buying a dedicated SACD player to get the sonics I really miss with my previous player. Does anyone have any ideas? Would it be possible to run this player into a separate DAC? If so, which would you recommend for it? Thanks in advance for your always helpful replies.
sorry to hear about that... i have heard the sa-12v1 and it is a great sounding machine..

it sounds like dealer you are working with is giving you the run around..

it is pretty hard to manufacture a illegal product...(cables-yes, cd/dvd players-no) if this decision was based upon "stickers" vs. the actual build and parts then you might want to call the dealer out on it...there is NO WAY that machine can be a illegally manufactured. it might be a grey market item ( intended for use in another country and sold through non standard distribution channels)

since you are the second owner, there is no warranty. since this is known, it surprises me the dealer is so willing to help you and give you a $500 credit on a unrepairable boat anchor.

i would suggest calling the service center yourself and finding out what the real story is...the repair center in chicago is pretty helpful...

if you want a 12s1, let me know and i will give you the phone number of a authorized dealer who has one 12s1 left over that is fully legal and under warranty ( store demo though)
Thanks Mike. The one who gave me the run around though is Marantz itself, not a dealer. this is the local operation of Marantz and the guy in charge of the repairs is the one who sent the player back to Japan (supposedly). My wager is that Marantz does not want to repair the machine and return it because they want to suss out the operation in China that's manufacturing these items and releasing them to Hong Kong distributors, probably on the side. Actually, I'm not a second owner. The machine was sold to me new. I liked my SA-12S1 quite a bit, especially in comparison to this player, but if I go for another SACD player, I'm going to step up to a better quality one. What i may do is try to convert this machine to all regions with the addition of a chip and just use it for DVD-Audio and DVD Video. It's serviceable in the video sound dept. but good quality on DVD-Audio. Failing that, I may sell it myself and get something else. I was just curious as to whether an outboard DAC would improve the SACD sound quality as well as video sound into two channels. I'm quite disappointed with the sound quality of this player on SACD and CD. It literally has no soundstage.