Marantz CDA-94 hook-up?

I recently came across a very unusual bit of equipment. A Marantz CDA-94 Digital to Analog converter. Hate to admit it, but I am not positive as to properly hook this up. It only has single inputs on the back. System-1,system-2, and an optical input(also digital tape in/out) Also has balanced 600-ohm outputs as well as fixed and variable.I have searched the internet, but am unable to find much info and do not want to harm anything . Any help?? Thank you!
The single inputs are simply the rca digital inputs use a digital coax cable from your cd player/transports digital output.
As for the outputs you have the choice of fixed balanced , fixed rca and variable rca .
If you are going through a preamp or integrated amp you use the fixed outputs can also go direct to a power amp with the cda-94 by using the variable outputs and the volume control on the front.
The cda-94 is very flexible and sounds wonderful , it uses the highly regarded TDA-1541 dac chip.
Thank you! So I would also have to use a 2 into 1 splitter as there is only 1 input jack(for each system)?