Marantz CD94 MKI vs MKII

I am looking to buy one of these players. Interestingly I am getting both these players on sale at a nearby city. The MK2 is about $400 more expensive. I would like to know, regardless of the price which is a better "sounding" player ? I know the MK2 has dual TDA1541 Single crown chip but do they also sound better than the MK1 ? Any advice would be highly helpful.
yes the mark 2 was the better sounding player at the time of release the reviews all agreed the mark ii went to another level and the bass detail out of the player is still even today one of the best - I still have mine and regularly go back to this player.

Hi. Yes i agree with Gareth, go for the MK2. I have one and still find it a great player even by todays standards. Kreso.
Lampizator compared them.