Marantz cd510 As Transport?

Hi all, My Cal Audio Delta transport is either dying or needs servicing, don't know exactly yet. The sound of my system was noticibly degraded and scratchy the other morning so now I'm running my Marantz cd player - recorder cdp-510 to replace it. I was wondering if hooking this up to my Cal Alpha DAC would be a good alternative to buying something new or going through a costly repair? The Marantz has a bit softer sound than the Cal's, I need to turn the volume up a bit more on the pre amp when using the Marantz. Stupid question, how would I hook up the two so the Marantz is just the transport? I figure this will also cement my feelings that it's the transport and not the dac that's on the fritz. Thanks in advance. Zar
Well, to use the 510 as a transport, just use a digital output into the Cal Audio Alpha. Output voltage level should not be a factor, since that is a function of the DAC, not the transport. It is certainly worth a try before you spring for a new transport.

I own a CDR-632 Marantz recorder, and I'd love to hear your results with the 510 as transport. If you feel the results compare well to the Cal Audio transport, I might be tempted to try my Marantz with a DAC.

FWIW, scratchy sound can come from a host of things, including source components, bad speaker cables, interconnects, dirty volume pots, etc.
Bond, I'll let you know how it works. I don't think it's anything else because the Marantz play fine. all interconnects are failry new and this came up out of nowhere. I might hnave the model number wrong and own the same one you do. LOL! zar
I have inserted the Marantz cdr-500 in my system as transport only. It is connected to my Alpha DAC via a Audioquest coral interconnect. Right now I'm very happy with the sound. Maybe I've saved myself quite a few bucks here though I do need to find out what's wrong with the Delta. I would think the transport in a 600 dollar Marantz Professional series is decent. Sure sounds nice with the Alpha.
Thanks... I am months away from a source upgrade, but I will certainly consider using the CDR-632 with a DAC.