Marantz CD-17...want to run XLR

While I am new to all this great hi-fi stuff, I have a basic please don't laugh

With my recent purchase of a Krell KAV-400xi, I would now like to purchase balanced Interconnects (XLR). Unfortunately, my Marantz CD-17 Player only has RCA Analog Outputs.

1. Does this limit me to strictly using RCA to RCA?

2. Is there a RCA/XLR Adapter?

try cables, they have rca to xlr connects 29.00 time 2 for them..dwhitt
Oak3x, you can't run balanced with the Marantz CD-17. You would need a source with true balanced output in order to fully utilize the potential of your fully-balanced KAV-400XI amp. Benefits would be lower noise floor. It is not worthwhile to purchase new XLR interconnects or RCA-XLR adapters and use them with your existing RCA cable if you intend to retain your Marantz. I know your intention, that is to run fully-balanced, but this is not possible unless you change your source.
ryder is correct, you can use the change overs, but they would not be fully just sound to me as you were not going to change the marantz, in which , you will never get the potiential out of the krell without upgrading the source. the krell can only put out what it gets, the better the source, the better the output. you are in a situation where you must upgrade the marantz to get the full use of krell or sale krell and something more compatable with the marantz, in which you are going backwards. look for a good used cary 300-100 for around eight, i used one and loved it with my krell and they are tonally excellent with good response for the money...dwhitt
I think you may still get some improvement out of the Krell if you'll use the RCA-XLR adaptors.
But you will not fully utilize the Krell's balanced circuit. You can try though and see what it'll give you.