Marantz av8802a volume issue

Had an unpleasant experience with the kids today. As we were queuing up Despicable Me we were all blasted when the amplifiers switched in and the volume was @ 97!!!   I quickly muted and turned down the volume and rechecked that my settings are to have the volume set to 37 upon startup.  Everyone’s ears were ringing and I still have to check nothing was damaged by that brief but extremely loud experience. 

Has as anyone else ever run into this and any thoughts on how to effectively check that the speakers weren’t damaged (not to mention our ears which still feel off several hours later)?  I’m definitely letting marantz know about this. 

connected equipment
 Bi-amped: revel Ultima studio 2 and voice 2
Single amped: revel Ultima gem 2 and  (4) Revel C583
Two JL Audio Fathom F212v2 subwoofers. 

I am sorry that happened to you- that can definitely damage ears and speakers.  The speakers are less important. 
I would recommend playing music with piano and vocals and listen to each speaker.  You should be able to tell if it has any blown components.  If the Gems are rear-channel speakers you may have to hook them up to the front channel.  It should be obvious.  Usually the tweeters go first, but not always.  A blown woofer should be obvious.  Stand in front of each speaker separately, and listen.

This maybe a higher power telling you to get a surround pre-amp better matched to your excellent speakers!  Tell the wife the Marantz is dangerous.  It's true!

Its Possible that sunlight / IR Changed the volume level, I have seen it before and in the preamp options, set a max volume.
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