Marantz AV7005 vs McIntosh MX-120

Hey Audiogoners I need some help and opinions from audiophiles. People who understand that there is a difference between a up converted DVD and a Blu-ray. People who recognize the fact that vinyl on the right system will always beat your damn AWIA mini system!

I’m looking to upgrade my current home theatre preamp. First let me tell you about my current system. This is it: I’ve since added a HTPC, which is wonderful, and a DVDO scalier/switcher. ( )

Here is the Question/options

Option A: I can get the Marantz AV7005 which handles all the current surround options.

Option B: I can get the McIntosh MX-120. Now the MX-120 can’t handle anything super current as far as surround goes. I can use my DVDO to handle all video switching and then send the audio via HDMI to the McIntosh for decoding. The pro to this set up is the analogue section of the McIntosh for my 2 channel audio is far better than the Marantz.

What do you think?
I agree, the MX120 is not only built better but will sound better on 2 channel.
The Macintosh cost 4 times as much... i be live 6 k as posed to 1.5 k for the marantz..... the marantz is rumored to be upgraded soon, but i have not seen it announced yet.

i am in the same boat as you.
Also i believe they both have the older room correction. Micintosh has a mx 150 that is supposed to be great...but even more money....but.... they came out with a mx151 so you might be able to get a great deal on the mx150.
I just made this same decision, and went with the mx120. Unfortunately, mine arrived with 2 tone control probelms and is still with Audio Classics for repair. I'm hopeful they can fix it.

If you're buying used, try to buy from someone with plenty of good feedback and someone who is actually using the gear on a daily basis. The gear flippers don't really do much more than plug a unit in and look for lights. Unfortunately, the flippers appear to be outnumbering the fans here.
There is NO guarantee that the Mclntosh will be the better unit. Many "high-end" boutique companies are simply exploiting brand-name association to give an air of quality and somehow justify their much higher prices. (in fact that high price is an integral part of the marketing strategy) Take the first reply in this thread for example... has he even ever seen one or let alone heard one to make that statement? That's the power of marketing and brand recognition. It's the unstoppable gut feeling you get if I was to say Jaguar or Toyota. You simply can't help yourself.

Have a read of this cheap mass-market brand blu-ray player that Joe sixpack average that lives across the street from you will be using... www.(remove)

Now have a read of a review of an $8k Mclntosh blu-ray player that would no doubt have many people lusting after it from just nothing more then seeing an ad for it in a glossy magazine... www.(remove)

Before you fall for the hype, you really should simply just judge each bit of gear on its own merits regardless of the name on its face plate and the pricetag.
Maybe you could try one of the online sellers of the Marantz such as musicdirect. 30 day no problem returns. You try it out and see if you like it. You might save a lot of money.
A good idea to buy and return if it misses the mark. I did exactly that and have to say it has and continues to impress me. I use an outboard dac for two channel and the av7005 in pure direct mode...but mostly I listen to multi channel sacd now. Still bypassing all the room correction me it sounds a little better. Regarding tweaks, I run an Elrod power cord to it...replaced all internal fuses and applied some anti resonant damping sheets under the sheet metal cover. YMMV on these...I didn't spend any time comparing them...I've done too much of that with cables albeit with excellent results. The unit was great before I did any although I never bothered with the stock cable knowing how much impact a good or great cable can have. Good luck.
Kiwi2, great post!

McIntosh does make expensive and high quality products, check to see if there is a firmware update to the MVP881. Then again, ask yourself, "What is missing?" when you demo the gear.

It's no secret, D&M Holdings, the parent company of Denon, Marantz and ,yes, McIntosh shares several internals. However, there is more to the McIntosh than the others. Case in point AV7005 and the MX121, the HDMI board is the same, according to McIntosh, but the power supply, chassis and wiring is all American McIntosh.

What's in a name? :-)
Most people who critique hi-end companies because they believe they over charge for their products, do know how to look at the big picture, they are only fixated on the price not considering all the aspects of why it cost what it cost.

One reason for the cost of a Premium product is the dealer network, cheap run of the mill electronics are not sold via a dealer network. The dealer must make money to keep his doors open. The dealer is there to help the customer choose the right gear for his needs. Have you checked out how much is cost just to rent retail space, plus the cost of having demo units on display for customers to audition. There are even more cost involved. Some dealers have been run out of business buy those who have no problem stopping in a store and have the dealer show them all the gear they have. The dealer spends all this time (which is money) with a customer only to have the customer leave and go online because he wants a better price than what the dealer is charging. I realize that you are not obligated to purchase anything from a dealer just because you stop by, that is his job, but it would be unethical to use a local dealer to test out gear with the sole intention of buying it on-line.

Next is the build quality of high end products, yes some parts are similar to some mass produced unit, chipsets, transport mech, etc. The chassis is not the same, the Power supply Is not the same, these are items that can cost a lot especially when they are not mass produces.

Sony, cranks out 1 million Blu-Ray players at a discounted price of X-Amount" per unit and will make a total profit of "X-Amount". However, high end companies by comparison only produce 5000 units each year and thus need to raise the price of the units considerably to make a similar profit.

You also pay extra for a better looking gear instead of some cheap black box that is built by under paid employees in some third world country, but on the other hand most hi-end companies are made in their respective countries buy employees that are paid a fair wage.