Marantz AV600 Subwoofer cutoff?

I have a Marantz AV600, is there any way to turn off the sub-woofer output in 2 ch. stereo mode?
Yes, you would have go to the back of the AV600 and set the Subwoofer Switch to off every time you would want to listen to stereo without the sub(s). Then set it back to mono if using one sub or stereo if using 2 subs in stereo for surround sound with the sub(s). Thats from the manual. But i would also think you could just turn the sub(s) off at the sub(s). I have a manual for the Marantz AV600. If you need it contact me thru A'gon and we can work something out to get you the manual. I sold my AV600 (with manual) and have an extra manual. I replaced the 600, 870, MA-500s and Definitive BP2002s with a Classe SSP50, CA300, CAV75 and Aerial 10Ts, CC3, SR3s and a pair of REL Stadium II subs. The difference is HUGE, i now enjoy the music. While in this transition i had the opportunity to mate the Classe CA300 amp with the Marantz AV600 and Definitive BP2002s. The difference in sound replacing the little MA 500 monos with the CA300 was like night and day. A BRIGHT annoying topend was now smooth and liquid, the mid had more depth and the bass, well night and day. All in all the AV600 is a decent preamp for 2ch because of its analog structure. In surround sound it sounds good, again because its analog. I'd say the AV600 is better sounding than most midfi AV processors for stereo but only offers DPL and THX processing (digital) but sports a 6ch out for connecting a seperate DD, DTS processor. Add a high quality amp(s), speakers and your in business. Not highend but enjoyable real world sound thats inexpensive. Tony you asked a simple question and got a review!
Thanks for the post, I also have the DP 870. I have a Cal Alpha DAC w/ Delta Transport. I am running this into my Odyssey Stratos Amp for 2 CH and a Carver 505 for the Center and surrounds. I love my Stratos! Amazing sound!

Thanks Again