Marantz AV: Marantz NR1501 vs sr5004 etc...

I've long been a fan of the Marantz sound in their AV receivers (relative to other brands AV receivers) and I notice a new lower price model from Marantz that is dramatically smaller, perhaps half the height of their other units. I'm tempted to think it's a move to class D versus class A/B amp, but that is a guess.

Have any of you heard the new NR1501 model? How does it sound in absolute terms and how does it compare to the more traditional Marantz SR series?

My buddy just purchaed 1501 2 weeks ago so I can give an opinion.

His 1501 is used to drive B&W 6 series towers and there was more than enough juice and overall sound was pleasant. Having said that, the metal dome tweeters of B&W gave me a headache after a while & music did lack some "air" compared to my system. But this reason could have been easily his source (PS3 & low quality mp3's)

If space isn't a restriction, I personally would go for 5004 (i'm eyeing out the 6003/6004) strictly because you get more wattage.

Also, he said his 1501 sound much better than his 2 channel NAD 315...hope this give you a better idea
Thanks Bonger. I do have the 5004 in one of my rooms (or is it the 5003? I bought it one or two years ago). Very pleased with it as a home theatre receiver that can play music nicely in a pinch. the 1501 seems a sharp departure for Marantz. Do you happen to recall whether it was clearly a class D amp or regular A/B?
If you purchased 2 years ago, you have 5003 as 5004 just got released.

I dunno if amp is class D or a/b...just check Marantz's website I guess.

Again, I liked the brief time I spent with the 1501...but I would not change your receiver to 1501 just to save space. Class D or a/b...Marantz HT's are very musical.

I owned SR5600 predecessor to 5003/5004 and was surprised at how close 2 channel approached the quality of my tube amp.