Marantz as a preamp?

I have a Marantz 2230 hooked up to a pair of Paradigm Studio 20's as my setup (as well as a Music Hall MMF 2.1 turntable). I bought the speakers a few years ago and am now ready to start upgrading my amp. Any thoughts on pairing an amp and using the 2230 as a preamp? I've never had a separate amp/preamp combo. I was looking at something like the Nad 245bee for its bi-amp capabilities or maybe even a tube amp. Something in the $500-700 range. The idea is that I would eventually upgrade the preamp part. Thoughts?
The Marantz 22XX series is a great one. Yes I would say go for the ammp. The Nad bee are good. Then when you want a preamp, that Marantz will be good for someone else to buy for a few hundred.
I've mostly used higher end tube gear but a while ago bought a 2230 and it was surprisingly good; not quite as good as an Audio Research SP3A-1 but for a fraction of the price including a very good sounding amp plus a tuner plus a wood cabinet plus it's pretty hard to go wrong.

Vintage Marantz receivers make great preamps. IMO. I have used my Marantz 2252B with Marantz MA-500/MA-700 monoblocks, B&K EX4420, NAD 925THX, and an Acurus A150, all with great results. All these setups have powered Klipsch Heresy's, Quartet's, and RB-5's. Even though the amps used are different, with the Marantz,B&K,NAD being neutral/warm and the Acurus on the bright side of neutral, that Marantz warmth from the receiver still makes it's way through to the end line in some form or another.


I'm running the 20's through a little Carver amp controled by my PC. Good sound but I would consider a small tube amp with the Marantz as a pre.

I am thinking about a Dynaco rebuild myself ... the Paradigms love tubes and seem to shine. I had a little ARC amp for a while and I was amazed at what I got out of the Paradigm Studio 20.
If anyone is in the market for a nice Marantz, check out my ad for a Marantz 2230B. It is in almost new looking condition and it does sound wonderful.
Thanks, that was the encouragement I needed. If anyone has any experience with the NAD C 245BEE I would love to hear it. Any suggestions for a tube amp in that price range?
i used to have a marantz 4300 4 chanell receiver as a pre-amp to my mc2205 back in 2000 when i was introduced to McIntosh. in 2010 i bought a mc602 amp. the marantz was too noisy so i decided to buy a mcintosh mx132. no noise now!