marantz 9600

any one have the skinny on marantz flag ship av reciever.. this unit highly acclaimed before release yet u hear no one talking about it ...
Hello, I am a Marantz dealer and I also sell Elite, Integra, Sony ES, B & K, and Rotel in receivers and my only opinion we share with all our customers is that no one should buy a receiver in that price range when you can spend a little more to get good seperates. The onlo exception would be average seperates or if there is a strong space limitation.
thks. 4 responding. have put together my 1st ht.. lots of research.. some circles say seperates,others say intergrated av recievers (flagships)decided a lil of both..
my sys... marantz 9600,rotel rmb 1095 2 drive kef ref. series 203's fr.kef 202c ctr. 9600 will power b&w htmi side speakers & b&w 805's rear.marantz vp12s4 42'plasma for similtaneous dual video..marantz 9500 dvd. marantz sacd .. wire world connects,hdmi.e.t.c. 2 velodyne spl 1200 subs. panamax 5510 pro surge protection middle atlantic av racks.. any suggestions / feedback welcomed
Hello, Sounds good. That Projector is great. I would stay away from Panamax. They hurt the sound and they don't pay anything if you get hit by lightning. The Audio store I work at turned in 8 claims for customers and they didn't pay any of them.
I would look at a few lesser known conditioner companies like Transparent, Light Speed, Tice, or a Furmann.

hi, again
how can ac conditioner harm sound.ia'm a neophite audiophile & have spent lot's on this sys. w/ hopes of creating JAW DROPPING sound stsge. i truly appreciate your input and welcome your suggestions, panamax will get a call mon. a.m. regarding protection plan / lightning strikes e.t.c. thks gary
Line conditioners can hurt the sound by starving equipment of either the amount of power needed or the speed in which the power is needed. (most noticable on amps) I have always noticed Panamax shrinking the sound stage and making bass sound mechanical instead od free flowing and round.
sorry for delayed response , u mentioned being a dealer.. if not panamax,will u sell me line conditioner that will protect & not comprimise sound stage..
Hello again, You might have a good dealer close to you. What city are you near and what is your budget?
balt. / wash. area.. 3k.