marantz 8801 vs. nad T175HD

Looking for a new HT processor. I have an emotiva umc1 and it's very glitchy. I get loud, annoying chirps all the time. Sent it back, they replaced the power supply, but it still does it. I think I'm fed up with emotiva. I haven't been on this site in many years so I'm way out of date on the products and just scanning through the used listings, these are two that are available that are vaguely within budget. I would love to get a decent processor for $500 (which was how much the emotiva cost brand new) but don't see anything. The marantz and nad are listed used for a little under a grand. Any thoughts on these two? Thanks in advance. Happy holidays. -Dave
If Audyssey MultEQ XT-32(with Sub EQ) are of most importance, then the Marantz 8801 is the way to go.  Many bells and whistles and from what I have read/heard, great(for a pre/pro) with stereo music.

On the other hand, I have been more than very pleased with my NAD T175HD and it's HT processing and musical prowess, both stereo and multichannel.  While my NAD has been trouble free since I bought it and owned for the last three years, I don't think the NAD has the reliability record of the Marantz.

Nuforce AVP-18.... Google the reviews

great affordable alternative to the megabuck Krell and like mega-buck units 

flawless so far after two years ......,highly recommended  

Audyssey MultEQ XT-32(with Sub EQ) - I must admit I don't know what that is. What is that? I have a separate preamp with HT bypass for 2-channel, so I'm just looking for a processor to do HT. My room will need correction, but I don't know the terminology. Thanks all and happy holidays. -Dave

XT-32 is at the top of the Audyssey MultEQ chain.  SubEQ is an added bonus where you can EQ two subs independently.

If you have HT bypass on your preamp, then I would opt for the Marantz over the NAD because of the added features and better Audyssey.