Marantz 8300 SACD/DVD AUDIO

The reviews were great. Does anyone have any first hand feedback on this universal player? I am looking for a universal player,any opinions?
I looked at the Elite 47ai, Intregra 8.3 and bought the DV8300. I found out from a marantz rep that the video section is pioneer and after listening to all three (at differnt dealers) with my cables, grado headphone amp and headphones the marantz was the most musical and detailed.
The integra was close but after a bit of warming up the marantz came all too clear.
your marantz experience was quite different from mine. I thought the dv8300 lacked transparency
the video on the dv47ai IS a killer
I bought the 8300 about four months ago and have been thoroughly pleased with its audio performance, so much so that I sold my Linn Genki CD player. I've tried both DVD-A and SACD. Could be my imagination, but I think it works with DVD-A better than SACD. I couldn't argue with Subdoofus about the video - my tv just isn't up to the test.
I am thinking of purchasing this. Have there been other reviews of the this unit, as compared to the Pioneer or other units. There was a positive review in this month's Audio/Video Interiors
I've heard the good, bad and the ugly about the 8300, and kept away. But Marantz generally puts out great dedicated players. So I was first in line when the 8400 was released just weeks ago. It may be a leap, but I'm assuming its much improved audio-wise. It's in the mail to me right now, I'll post when I hear it first hand.
I received the 8400 about a week ago. My review only relates to audio, as I have yet to connect to a monitor. This also contrains my review in the sense that I have not been able to tweak most of the settings, which require a monitor. For example, this has limited my DVD-A listening to 96 kHz.

First off, forget anything you heard about the 8300. If this is Marantz's mea culpa, then they hit the mark (though you may not feel this way if you bought an 8300!). Sound is distinct, rich and full throughout the sound spectrum. I prefer not to use bass management, and cannot speak to this. But the sound in each format is simply marvelous IMO.

Is it worth it? At this point, I feel the quality is there. If you wait, no doubt prices will fall. On the other hand, why be limited in what you can listen to? It's the software, after all, that we pay to listen to.

Lastly, to confirm a rumour, the DVI port is blocked at this point "for future upgrade." Legal or standard hold-ups, I assume, though Marantz REALLY should disclose this on their website. While certainly the kHz contraints on non-RCA/ digital output are really very silly, at the end-of the day they don't hold back that marvelous sound from those very same ports, so personally I wouldn't get too caught up in a knot over it.

Best - Kahana
Kahana, did you have a chance to compare 8400's redbook CD performance with conventional CDPs? If yes, which ones?