Marantz 8260 vs. Jolida 100 on redbook

Hi, Anyone heard this 2 in the same system? 8260 vs. sa-14 marantz? Thanks, neil
I heard the JD-100, in home, with a handful of tubes, at the same time I had the SA-14 and a Musical Fidelity A3 24 dac and a Theta transport on hand. The Jolida came in last place. It's killer for $600, but more money, in this case, brought what I thought clearly better sound, and the wonders of SACD from the Marantz made me a believer, it's really something special in that regard, and it's also by far a better built machine....
I had a chance to audition 8260 and SA-14 in the same setup with Mc amps. I was very impressed with both players. SA-14 is much bigger and havier build unit, but very little difference in sound - so I bought 8260 at the half the price of SA-14. I am very happy with it. It sounds very musical playing both redbook and SACDs cannected to my McIntosh C7100.
Just my 2c.