marantz 7as1 suggestion

I just got the marantz 7as1 and it only has about 150 hours on it. Its a very organic sound but is not the last word in bass or detail like my emmlabs was. What rca cable are people using with their marantz 7as1? how many hours does it take before its fully broken in? Anyone else using the marantz with the dartzeel preamp and amp?


i have heard the marantz 7 sa1 in three different stereo systems, as well as have communicated with a marantz owner, as i was considering purchasing one myself.

i decided against it because it has too much resolution. the gentlemen who had the marantz bought an amr77. i am looking into that one as well.

the marantz requires more than 300 hours of break-in, according to the owners of this player i have spoken to.

i would not worry about interconnects. your dartzeel amp and pre should be sufficient to provide all the resolution you might need. this player is not romantic or forgiving of "poor recordings".
My marantz sa-7s1 took quite a long time to fully sound its best over 300 hours, be patient it only gets better.

The IC's that I am using are Gabreil Golds Rev. with excellent results. Upgrading to GG Rapture's should sound even better.

IMS bass is deep,tight,with very nice texture and detail is top notch. Sounding very natural not bright,thin or bleached out.
The Marantz 7Sa1 has great bass, it shakes my room if it is on the CD. It is a very well balanced CD player.

If you are using balanced make sure you try the phase on every cd that you. If absolute phase off, well there goes your dynamics, imaging, detail and bass impact.