Marantz 7400 vs Denon 3803

I will be using this for HT running Sonance in-ceiling Virtuoso's and can get the Denon for $200 less (demo unit). However, will be listening to music more often! Any thoughts appreciated.
You probably won't hear a dramatic difference between these two. The Marantz is a really a Pioneer with the audio stages tweeked for better sound. The Denon's have always been among the best receivers. Using in-ceiling speakers will be your weakest link anyway. Pick the receiver you feel the most comfortable with. Check out the controls and the remote, and pick the one that you like to use.
Thank you. just picked up the Denon today, and still have the Marantz NIB.
Yep, Steuspeed hit it on the head
I own a Denon 3801, and I previously owned a Marantz (model I can't recall). I like the Denon much better. The remote, menus, manual, and overall operation of the Denon is superior.