Marantz 7007- amp not functioning

I have a marantz SR-7007 which is about four years old. Noticed that all functions work except I’m not getting any sound from any speaker.  Normally when you turn the unit on after a few seconds there is a noticeable “click” which I assume is some relay to the amplifier section.  Right now I don’t hear that click happening thus either something in the amp is fried or the signal to turn it on isn’t working. Again it turns on, switches inputs, hdmi pass through functions when off.  Just appears to be something with the amplifier section. Is there a standard process anyone can recommend to diagnose? I’ve yet to go through every single input and literally test everything and I’m going to try a power cycle tonight to see if that does anything but I have a sense it’s something with the amp.  
The repair of that unit will exceed the cost of that highly unreliable unit.
The better ones were built long time ago.
Is that a general statement or was there something specific to this model?
The protection circuit often fails at logical level that requires replacement of logical ICs and re-mapping software. LONG and PAINFUL process that will reach about $5...600 bill on repairs by street repair shop.
Just get a new replacement receiver. Not worth repairing it will cost too much to repair. Today modern AV receivers usually won't last for more than 5 or 7 yrs if you're lucky, especially with HDMI switching and new softwares and all. 
SO somewhat good news i checked my credit card which i used to purchase the unit and they add an extra year to the manufacturer warranty period so working through the claims process. So far so good.  Despite the failure likely going to pick up the sr5013 or sr6012, which are close in price and will be covered by my refund. The family already knows how tomuse the marantz so it will just be simpler. Is anyone awar of any meaningful differences between the 12 and 13 series?  Scouting all the details online i couldnt see much. 
Not sure the real main difference between the 12 & 13. Probably on the video side of things. The 13 series can probably pass through the latest HDR, Dolby Vision on the 4k video side of things. 

If you like the features, functionality and setup configs of the Marantz, I would highly recommend the new flagship Marantz SR8012 AV receiver. Looks like a good contender and is probably one of the best sounding Japanese AV receiver.
What are your speakers? 
Hi - this is not my primary home theater system but probably is the primary viewing system. it’s in our casual family room where much is not optimal for sound and it’s used for everyday tv and music for the family room and kitchen.  Currently it has pioneer elite Andre jones atmos towers and matching center. They are the last speakers he designed before he left for elac.  They are fine for how we use them. The system has a TiVo roaming and Oppo 103, and nes classic hooked to a Panasonic vt60 plasma.  The most recent 4K stuff isn’t applicable to me yet but also don’t want to buy something that’s outdated already.