Marantz 6150 turntable versus Dual 1218 turntable, which is best?

I have acquired a servo-controlled direct drive Marantz 6150 turntable and a Dual 1218 idler wheel drive turntable, and both have to be serviced.  I only need one of them, so I am wondering which do you think is the superior turntable?  I only want to repair the best one.
Marantz 6150 vs Dual 1218 is near-same as Mercedes S-class vs. Buick Century.

Thank you for your reply.  Why is the Marantz so superior?  I see that they tend to sell for about the same price on eBay.
Marantz is more of performer and Dual is more of collector.

The best Duals are the 1229/1219, which are idler drive. Then the 701 direct drive and lastly the 1019 idler drive. 

Google Dual 1229 extreme and then hit 'translate'  I own a modified Dual 1229. I replaced the tonearm with a Grace 747. It's the finest table I've ever owned. I still have a very nice Garrard 301 with a SME tonearm. I personally love the sound of idler drive tables, with direct drive being next. They portray pace, and power that has to be experienced. 
I sold off my kilo buck LP12 along with the Aristion RD 11.  They are fine musical tables, just not for me. 

I would recommend purchasing a serviced Dual 1229. You can find a few compaines that offer them. 

With regard to the 1218, I would stay away from it. The platter is on the light side and the motor isn't the same powerful massive smooth beast found in the 1229/1219 tables. 

Of course if money isn't a concern, an EMT 927 is King of them all. =)