Marantz 6011 or Anthem MRX 720?

I'm looking to upgrade my Yamaha Adventage RX1010. While it sounds great for movies, I've never been happy with it for music. In addition, it doesn't allow for independent setup of dual subwoofers and the zone 2 is broken. 

For the new receiver, I'm particularly interested in Dolby Atmos and music performance. I'm only interested in Atmos 5.2.2 configurations because it's impossible to run wiring in my house unless the roof is removed (no attic, concrete slab). I'm using Gallo Strada 2s for the front channels, Gallo micros for the surrounds, and two Gallo subs. I also need the receiver to be less than 18 inches deep.

I've narrowed the choices down to the Marantz 6011 and the Anthem 720. I suspect the Anthem will sound better for music, but question whether it will sound $1,200 better.
did you ever make a choice?

I'm considering an Anthem 720 to replace a Marantz 5009.  I don't like the lack of EQ control if you use audessy.  And I also hate that the marantz just stores one audio setup. I'd like the ability to switch between a few presets so I can tailor things for different purposes.  The 6011 seems to have some of this but but if I upgrade, I probably don't want another marantz.  I do like my unit's direct pure mode for vinyl and cd's.
Not yet. I've ruled out the Anthem because it doesn't do individual calibration of dual subs. The 6011 is still in the running, but I'm also now considering some lower power Denons. They include the dual sub capability plus HEOS--both of these are only available on the top of the line 6011 and 7011 from Marantz. I'd then get a separate power app to run the front three channels. 
Thx and good luck!
Take this as you will, we are a well known retailor and custom shop and we have extensive experience in this area.

We have tested the two brands and the Anthem is way better than the Marantz the low end models are pretty mediocre and the higher end models although good are still not as good as the sound quality derived from the Anthem, we view Marantz as slightly better Denon whose products are okay as well.

We brought in the Marantz 8001 V2 a $4,000.00 processor which we compared to the $3,000.00 Anthem AVR 60, the features were better on the Marantz and it had a nice on screen display, sound wise the Anthem was clearer and the Anthem Room Correction is miles better then the Audissey.

As per not having individual sub calibration it is nice to have but should not be a deal breaker, the ARC is very adapt at looking at the entire room and having two subs playing at the same time still provides a pressure wave for the mic to pick up to create its custom filters.

ARC and Dirac are the two best room correction systems other then the very expensive Trinov products, the Anthem AVR 720 is a fantastic piece with a great pre pro, state of the art room correction and a very good amplifier stage.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
I can understand the parallel dual sub setup working fine if both subs were the same and both were placed symmetrically in the setup. But what if both subs are different and one is placed in the front and one in the back of the room?