Marantz 3600 with Bryston 2B

Hi everyone!
This is my first post.
I recently hooked a Marantz 3600 to a Bryston 2B, and I was startled by the transparency and punch delivered through my Revox G Shelf speakers. Should I expect better result if I connect the 3600 to a Marantz 250M, or a McIntosh MC2100? I briefly compared my Marantz 3600/Bryston 2B to a Tandberg TR-2075 receiver, and found the latter lacks the transparency and punch of the former pair.
My next test will be with a Cyrus 6 VS2 integrated amplifier.
Some people may find my comparaisons to be unfair to Tandberg and Cyrus, but since I own them I said I might as well give it a try and have fun.

Startled how it sounded compared to.....? You don’t say. Comparing your separates to any receiver, even using a really crappy patch cord interconnect the separates are bound to be better than the receiver. A gap that will only get bigger the better the interconnect you use. Receivers are the very bottom end of the food chain.

With the Cyrus you are now getting into integrated amps and even a relatively cheap one like the 6VS2 should be a lot better than the receiver and now getting to be good enough for your related equipment to matter when comparing to your separates. By related equipment I mean the interconnect and power cords. Your pre- and power amps cost so much more than the Cyrus it will be embarrassing if they don’t outperform. Then again that is the big advantage of the integrated amp, they offer a lot more performance for the money.

See, er hear, for yourself.
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I just bought a McIntosh MC2100 in good condition with giant blue caps, which means it has been serviced at least once. After a quick comparison between the Bryston 2B and the MC2100, hooked to Marantz 3600 and driving Revox G Shelf speakers, I could tell in less than 5 minutes that the Bryston is more transparent, sounds more engaging, more lively and is a little punchier. The MC2100 is a bit warmer. Bottom line, the Bryston is a better power amp, and much lighter than the MC2100. As I heard that the MC2100 is known to be better than the Marantz 250M, I will not spend money buying a used 250M. Too bad that I sold my Bryston 11B preamp a year ago, because it would very interesting to compare it to the Marantz 3600.