Why are the new silver face products not available in the US?
I think they base it on what most folk want in whichever country is surveyed, and what the dealers tell them what is most popular. Feedback is very important when it comes to keeping costs down. Imagine a dealer selling out all of his silver faced product and not moving any of the black. 

It was the same for me when I got my Marantz units a few years ago. I wanted the champagne finish and all they had were the black finish. The rest of the world seemed to get the champagne finish and that chagrined me to no end. I've gotten over it very quickly as they sound wonderful.

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It seems many companies offer silver in Europe or Japan, but not here
My preference has always been the silver finish.I was interested in a cd player a few months ago and was told the company itself could explain the reasoning.Just never followed up on it.
I like silver finish over black as well. Marantz makes very nice digital players and It's a shame that they chose not offer silver finish here. 
Less popular = Less profitable = Not acceptable = Want Silver = Pay Extra = Order from overseas = Pay extra = Business = Or stay black.
Marantz is one of the who don't offer silver finish in the US.Guess other companies don't feel the same with some of the posts above.
I am a fan of silver as well. As a matter of fact each of my components is silver except for my Simaudio Moon DAC and my Oppo. The former only because I got a great deal on it here. To me silver seems cleaner.
That shine as it sits on whatever you may use just stands out more!
Yamaha,Luxman and Sony are available I believe in silver in the US.Don't believe Denon or Onyko are though along with Marantz.
Onkyo used to have a Silver option few years ago. I do find Silver finish (cut from solid aluminum block) very luxurious and sexy!  That's one of the reason I own components from Krell (from Dan Agostino's era) and Modwrigh Instruments. 

John421, btw what Marantz component you're desire to have in Silver finish? 
A CD player.Have a 2220B receiver and thought they would look good match together.The sound would be nice as well together I would think.
Just like the old fords... pick the color you want as long as it is black.
I've been griping about this for years.  I am so sick of black components.
Funny, different strokes as they say.
Much prefer black. I own three high end Marantz pieces, the black with blue side lights looks great to me. Silver can look kind of cheap if not well done.
Also own Naim gear, always black. Very understated and tasteful