Marantz 250 & 3300 ? Speakers

Marantz Model 250 Amp & Model 3300 Pre-Amp
What set of classic speakers would be your choice and why?
I owned these in the early 70's. I used AR's, Rectilinear's and ultimately JBL L-55's.
Some of the production runs of the Marantz 240 and 250 power amps were quite nice. Of the vintage-correct speakers, Large Advent, Dynaco A50, Dynaco A35 and Dynaco A25 mate well with these Marantz transistor amps, taking the edge off the top end and making good use of the amp's high bass resolution. If your 250 is a particularly smooth one, it can also drive Dahlquist DQ10 nicely, and I know of a few such systems in use still today.