Marantz 2385

Am thinking about buying a 2385. does anyone know if this unit is direct coupled like the Sansuis of that vintage?
Also how about the 2385 vs the Sansui G9000???
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I have a 1977 Marantz 2385 rebuilt by Frank Mufich of Mufich Audio (McKinney Texas) that sounds awesome -Its as clean and clear sounding as any unit Ive had in the past and Ive had several (Rowland, Coda to name only two)-Im sure the Sansui is a fine unit but I know what mine sounds like and the magic it brings...The 2385 is Marantz's best amp from that year (Models 2500, 2600 werent as musical) and packs quite a punch-Its warm, detailed with the bonus of tone controls! Either way an amp of this vintage will need to be recapped at the very least, but at least they are rebuildable,unlike most of todays receivers made in Malaysia -My 2385 is mated to a pair of Altec Valencias,and I really enjoy listening to music now -I hope this helps!
Thanks for the response Huggerray. I have the Sansui AU-717 I bought new in 1978 and it still sounds amazing. Actually just picked up a pair of Kef 105's...astounding still. Can't decide between the big Marantz or the big Sansui. Their performance and warm sound is probably much the same.
Would anyone have a Marantz 2385 for sale or trade?