Marantz 2325 UK plug how to change to 110 volt?

I just purchased a vintage marantz 2325 receiver but the problem is that it has a UK power cord. Is it just a simple task of changing the cord to a standard plug or is it something that I should leave up to the service center?

Any Info Would be a Big Help!

Thank-you in advance
Hello; I have a Marantz 2325 with service manual, there are internal jumpers that must be changed to convert from European voltages to ours. There is a diagram in the manual that shows how to do it. It looks like it might be fairly easy to do but I have not looked inside the 2325 to determine this. I would be happy to send you a copy of the diagrams if you like.Don Burner (
You need to look inside the unit or take it somewhere. DO NOT CHANGE THE CORD WITHOUT RECONFIGURING THE POWER SUPPLY TRANSFORMER!!!Unless you own a fire extinguisher:~)